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Zhoushan: the village is expected to quench thirst without water

      micro pumps   2010-12-03

November 29, this newspaper published 7th edition Student Village Dinghai three officers more than 20 days without water, villagers reported the daily hard work carrying water, causing local leaders attached great importance to reporters on November 30 here again, the three official Student Village The person in charge of village officials and street-related responses without water for another month to resolve the issue. micro pumps.

This reporter learned that, in the present circumstances, to ensure the well water and health, streets and epidemic prevention departments to detect specifically requested. Connected to city water as soon as possible, after discussions with the water companies and other research, to take the city nearest water pipe connection methods to build a booster pump, so that capital costs of about 50 million. Because the need for customized automatic adjustment of the booster pump, just order November 29, take 20 days to manufacture, plus installation process can allow the villagers to spend one month in another city tap water.


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